The Importance Of A Ballet Bun


Everyone knows that ballerinas wear their hair in a bun; it's such common knowledge that we call it a ballet bun. But dance teachers are forever fighting parents and students about getting that hair pulled up! Why is this such an issue, and why does your hair have to be up anyway? Continue reading to find out!

#1 - Muscle Memory. Does your child have Bangs or little pieces of hair that always fall down in their face? How about little frizzies tickling their shoulders? In the middle of a combination or rehearsal, they may reach up and brush their hair out of their way. When a dancer does this all the time, after a specific step, or in a rehearsal, it actually becomes muscle memory, and they will continue to "brush their hair away" onstage, even if it is Gelled back and pinned up!

#2 - Balance. Wearing a ballet bun helps to center your balance. It provides the extra orientation you need for pirouettes, tour jetes, and partnering. This is why it's important for your bun to be in the centre, rather than off to one side

#3 - It's a problem for turns. When wearing a ponytail, or hair down, dancers tend to wince or close their eyes when they spot, or whip their head around- this is because if they didn’t their hair could literally whip them in the eye and cause an injury! You cannot turn without spotting your head, and you definitely can't turn with your eyes closed. At this point it is actually a safety hazard having your hair down!

No hair is too Thick, Short or Frizzy for a bun- there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube to help you! Here’s one we usually recommend:

Ballet Bun-

Heidi Plaits are also suitable:

The only one left to mention now is, Tradition! Tradition is important, but it's not the reason we have to have a ballet bun. People may have done things a long time ago and it's a tradition, but that tradition may not be founded on anything important. Some old ballet traditions have been broken through the years and that's not necessarily a bad thing. But the ballet bun is extremely important, and definitely shouldn’t be forgotten! If you struggle getting your child’s hair up, check out the tutorials above OR ask your child’s teacher for help- that is what we are here for and we would all be more than happy to help you if you ask us!

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