Why Dance Uniform Is Important:

There are a number of reasons why having a set uniform is important to our studio and values. Keep Reading to find out why we are such big believers in wearing a uniform at Imagine School Of Dance:

Feeling Like Part of a Team:

Wearing a uniform creates a sense of unity and belonging within the studio. Feeling Luke part of one big dance family creates a sense of pride and is a wonderful way for students to strive to be the best dancer they can be and show support for their peers. When all students are wearing a uniform, it prevents cliques or little groups forming as students feel they are part of one big team rather than smaller friendship circles.

Practicality and Safety-

Dance Uniform is designed to be a safe and practical outfit for your child to dance in. At Imagine School Of Dance, our Set Uniform is breathable and designed to move with your dancer so that they are never uncomfortable. Having a dress code cuts down on distractions in the classroom and allows the teacher to see a dancers alignment and posture in order to make corrections.

Inappropriate clothing such as loose fit clothing, metal zippers, and rigid fabrics can be uncomfortable and may become tripping hazards for your dancer in class, They also make it very difficult for the teacher to see your dancers allignment which could lead to injury. The safest and most practical solution is to wear your dance uniform.

A Sense Of Achievement-

At Imagine School Of Dance our uniform is Progressive and provides students with something to strive for! Our Youngest Dancers wear Light Pink Leotards and look up to our older more advanced students at Grade 1&2, who wear Rose Coloured Leotards. The Next step comes at Grade 3-5 where our Students wear Navy Blue and Finally once dancers advance to Grade 6+ they get to choose their own style Black Leotard- there is always a sense of excitement and pride when children move up and finally get to wear the next colour!

So there it is, the next time your teacher asks you to go and put on your leotard, or take off that baggy T-Shirt please don’t think they are nagging. That uniform has a very important purpose. Wearing a uniform is a very important part of Dance history and also plays a part in dancers safety too!

Miss Ashton.

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